Analysis of IL6 Signal Transduction Model using Reduced Rank Regression

This work presents the application of reduced rank regression to the field of systems biology. A computational approach is used to investigate the mechanisms of the janusassociated kinases/signal transducers and transcription factors (JAK/STAT) and mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPK) signal transduction pathways in hepatic cells stimulated by interleukin-6. The results obtained identify the contribution of individual reactions to the dynamics of the model. These findings are compared to previously available results from sensitivity analysis of the model which focused on the parameters involved and their effect. This application of reduced rank regression allows for an understanding of the individual reaction terms involved in the modelled signal transduction pathways and has the benefit of being computationally inexpensive. The obtained results complement existing findings and also confirm the importance of several protein complexes in the MAPK pathway which hints at benefits that can be achieved by further refining the model.


A. McArdle, U. Kruger, T. Littler, and J. Hahn. "Analysis of IL6 Signal Transduction Model using Reduced Rank Regression"

Proceedings of the 2007 IEEE Conference on Systems and Control, Singapore (2007)