Advances and Selected Recent Developments in State and Parameter Estimation

This paper deals with two topics from state and parameter estimation. The first contribution of this work provides an overview of techniques used for determining which parameters of a model should be estimated. This is a question that commonly arises when fundamental models are used as these models often contain more parameters than can be reliably estimated from data. The decision of which parameters to estimate is independent of the observer/estimator design, however, it is directly affected by the structure of the model as well as the available data. The second contribution is an overview of recent developments regarding the design of nonlinear Luenberger observers, with special emphasis on exact error linearization techniques, but also discussing more general issues, including observer discretization, sampled data observers and the use of delayed measurements.


C. Kravaris, J. Hahn, and Y. Chu. "Advances and Selected Recent Developments in State and Parameter Estimation"

Computers & Chemical Engineering 51, pp. 111-123 (2013)