Arnab Chakrabarty

Arnab Chakrabarty
M.S., Texas A&M University, (2004)
B.S., Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (2001)
Research Interests

One of the cornerstones of chemical engineering is the use of models to describe processes important to this discipline. Process Modeling has become one of the key activities in process system engineering nowadays.With greater computational capability it is now possible to look into intricacies of a model which was not possible earlier. As process industries get more and more computerized the need for validating and finding the appropriateness of a model has increased.

We are developing a methodology for building a model for any chemical system with appropriate level of details while keeping desired level of other properties of a model. Apart from this we are also using existing techniques to figure out the validity, appropriateness of a given model, and implement new techniques to perform the same.

Current Employer

VerdeEn Chemicals